Friday, June 7, 2013


Welcome to my new blog!  And allow me to welcome myself to the blog world.  I have never really had the desire to get into the world of blogging but now that I am actually putting projects together I would like to share my ideas to anyone who will read them.

Let me start off by introducing myself.  My name is Jordan Tallent, I am a student at Western Carolina University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology.  It is currently the summer of 2013 so I only have one more year of undergraduate study until I graduate.

I have always enjoyed messing with electronics and making little projects that I'll use for about a day before tearing them down to reuse the parts.  I have recently started to work on projects that I will NOT take apart when I'm done.  This is one of the reasons for me starting this blog, to share my new journey of projects, struggles, hopefully successes and whatever else I can find to put in here.

I hope that I can keep this up to date with interesting projects and that any readers will enjoy it.


Jordan Tallent