Sunday, April 5, 2015

Back to Electronics

So, ever since I graduated college and started I working in a career, I have found myself spending less time on my own projects at home. By the time that I get home from a full day of actual work, not just sitting in a classroom like at school, I have just about zero motivation to work on my own stuff.  Well, I have decided to make a change to this!  I have been out of school for about a year and haven't really done anything with all of the trinkets that I have collected over the past five or so years so I am going to start back at it. I have multiple sensors, ICs, microcontrollers, and other random little modules that I plan on using up by next Summer (2016).  In the past I have avoided 'simple' projects that I had deemed to be 'too easy' but I need to just do projects. So that's what the coming months are going to be filled with. Me doing some projects and posting about them and probably doing instructable about them as well to hopefully help someone else get some ideas or get started. Look for a new post about once a week!